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Your Mind’s Geared to be Negative… how can you Positively Rewire?

According to the National Science Foundation we have between 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day. Apparently most of these thoughts (over 90% of them) are exactly the same as the day before.  But unfortunately the not so good news is that, up to 80% of these thoughts can be negative   – what a Habit!  (Michigan State University) The flight or fight tendency is instinctive it’s our natural animalistic behaviour and a guidance system built to protect ourselves.  So thinking negatively about potential challenges in advance and doing something about it can work to keep us safe in certain instances. Negative thinking’s not all bad as it can serve us too 1. It Can Keep us Safe - Putting a seat belt on in the car - Using safety equipment in dangerous environments - Not walking alone at night in certain areas - Health and safety rules in companies 2. Checks Your Focus - Shows your Guidance System towards what you want and don't want is working - Whenever you know what you do