Presidential Body Language 2020

As the 2020 race for president draws to a close, according to Gallup polling U.S. voters are feeling both enthusiastic about voting with a record high 64% strongly agreeing with the statement that they are ‘afraid of what will happen if my candidate for president does not win’ and fearful of what the outcome will mean for the country.   Most also agree that the stakes are higher than in previous presidential elections. Communicating authentically is pivotal to gain connection and elevate career success Research shows that at least 55% of our communication is delivered via body language, 38% through tone of voice and only 7% through the actual words we speak. The benefits of recognising the subtle messages sent as well as projecting confidence and putting others at ease is huge, and pivotal for political candidates to make the impact they desire to get people on side.   The way people initiate a connection with their audience tells a lot about their agenda and what they want to achieve.

Zoom etiquette: How to maximise meetings in the new normal

By body language specialist and executive coach Suzanne Masefield With travel restrictions still in place and staff encouraged to work from home, Zoom meetings  are the new normal. But what impression are you making on that screen?  And how can you navigate this platform to create a deeper connection,  elevate confidence and collaborate effectively? Within the first five minutes of meeting someone, we decide whether we like, dislike, trust or mistrust them! I’m sure you can remember a time when you were drawn to someone as if you’d known them for years  – or felt repelled on first meeting.  Even if you didn't know exactly why, a gut instinct sends a clear message about the other person. We create a perception of others and, likewise, they read us, judging our credibility and whether they feel confident to have a relationship or do business with us. This is determined through subtle signals sent to each other consciously and unconsciously, mainly via our tone of voi

Now is Our Time - Become a Pro-Activist!

Beware this is hard hitting...  Things now need to Drastically Change... w hatever your politics we all know that any disaster or tragedy needs to be managed with Good if not GREAT LEADERSHIP... Period!   Saving and Preserving the People, the Animals and the Land should not be about which party you stand for, or what you believe in your own world... unfortunately its far bigger than that.  This is now about Survival! The situation in Australia, America and many other troubled countries is a mirror of where we are at as humans today... ÀND it doesn't look good.  BUT it can also be an opportunity to 'Wake Up' to what's occurring in our world instead of burying our heads in the sand because its not happening on our doorstep... YET! It can certainly feel overwhelming to continually watch or hear bad news on TV or social media... believe me I feel it too. None of us want to see let alone experience mass fires devastating neighbouring countries, leaving people home