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Are You in Reaction or Response?

How do your emotions impacts your Business Results? Rather than waiting until emotions hit you over the head like a sledge hammer before you deal with them, its really beneficial to be aware of what's happening to your mental, emotional state throughout your day.  Then you can   maintain a positive emotional balance and can  respond effectively to situations that occur, i nstead of being 'in reaction' and  creating an  ambulance at the bottom of the cliff  scenario. By taking charge of how you're 'being' you're more able to define the areas where you can make the biggest impact, because you're calm, relaxed and centered so can be more focused and effective  when stressful situations arise .  I encourage all my executive clients to develop their own 'Personal Power Format' including regular 'Check-Ins'  to integrate into the natural stop points d uring the day . As the simple act of 'Checking-In' with yourse