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Zoom etiquette: How to maximise meetings in the new normal

By body language specialist and executive coach Suzanne Masefield With travel restrictions still in place and staff encouraged to work from home, Zoom meetings  are the new normal. But what impression are you making on that screen?  And how can you navigate this platform to create a deeper connection,  elevate confidence and collaborate effectively? Within the first five minutes of meeting someone, we decide whether we like, dislike, trust or mistrust them! I’m sure you can remember a time when you were drawn to someone as if you’d known them for years  – or felt repelled on first meeting.  Even if you didn't know exactly why, a gut instinct sends a clear message about the other person. We create a perception of others and, likewise, they read us, judging our credibility and whether they feel confident to have a relationship or do business with us. This is determined through subtle signals sent to each other consciously and unconsciously, mainly via our tone of voi